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Welcome to my author site. Here you will find a listing of my published works along with curreNt projects, interests, and hobbies. Please look around and see If my brand of horror suits you. I do my very best to respond as soon as possible to comments and emails, but writers have to write, so please be patient.

Well, which one do you want? I am currently working on Site 123, which will be my fourth published novel. I have the second books drafted but not all completed. Which one would you like to see next?

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FIRST RESPONDER – Available February 21, 2017

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Some First Responder reviews

I love the way it flows! The different perspectives were awesome – Erica D.

The storyline is really intriguing; I just love it – Jay S.

Loved it! It always kept me wanting to read more. I can’t wait for the sequel – Rob S.

As an EMT I am a holder of hands, a consoler of families, a patient advocate, a fixer of the broken. I am the saver of lives while putting my own aside. We work long tireless shifts, having no personal life, and its all worth it. “No greater love has he….” – Karen T.

WOW! What a book. It is a horror movie in written form. It is cunningly written. It is brutal, bloody and hey what the hell just happened, going to have to read that part again. A book not for the faint hearted! It is a great bloody read.

I recommend this book.

I recieved this book as a free giveaway from Goodreads. 


Jun 20, 2017Fran Soto rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition

I loved this book! Being honest I usually don’t include this kind of fiction books in my book hauls. But definitely I was quite surprised by this book that I couldn’t stop reading. It was really entertaining and actually very easy to read. Karen’s journey is filled with suspense that immediately captivated me and pulled me in with the first pages.
Thanks for this giveaway!

A big thank you to:

Destinations Booksellers for agreeing to hold my book signing for my second novel Picking Murphys. Ask them for a copy today!

Carmichael’s Bookstores for carrying my first novel Bereft Reality. It should be on their shelves by Friday, October 23rd, 2015! Check them out!

Be the first to send in your white sheet commentary and you’ll be entered for a chance to receive a free autographed copy of Bereft Reality. Check out the My Needs link on the left.

Picking Murphys talking points for your church.

This book stresses good over evil, sometimes at all costs.
Good prevails, always.
Evil has no limits to what it will do or how far it will go.
Tragedy births opportunity.
Sacrifice is sometimes necessary.
Sometimes evil overshadows good.
Let your conscience guide your actions.
Although evil is defeated, it runs away to regroup; it will be back.

Read Picking Murphys today – how far would you go to stop evil?

What I liked about the novel Bereft Reality, by James Summers: The way Summer flipped the script and her revenge and everyone’s need for power and control. But I have to be honest about one thing…halfway through the book I almost felt desensitized to what was going on. I loved the ending because I never saw it coming. And I have decided I need a Jake… – Brandy M. 

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Please welcome Erica D., Cheryl W., Erica D., Jacqueline S., Jay S., and Rob S. as your Ambassadors of Horror!

Thanks for all you do!

James Summers
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Market Your Book

Hey all, when it comes to most things in life, never quit, never surrender. The same applies to marketing your precious baby!
I had a yard sale two times recently, eacH two weeks apart. Each time as I thanked the people that came I mentioned that I’m a published author, I’m local, and you can’t find me in the book stores. I quickly plugged my book, and handed them my business card, Telling them “If you change your mind on that old table, email me, it’s on the card.”
I sold two books today, and autographed them both. Each time I heard “It’s not often you run into a published author in a garage sale, thanks for writing it!”
So – NEVER SURRENDER! Market yourself when you leave a tip for dinner, when you get your hair done, when you have your car serviced – you never know!

Having said that… If you are interested in buying a paper back or hard cover from me, find me on social media and I’ll give you the cost for an autographed book with pickup/shipping options – via PayPal.


I have sent out two loaner books to friends to pass out and offer others a chance to read the full book Bereft Reality; one to Winnipeg, Canada and the other to Louisville, Kentucky. Enjoy everyone!

James Summers

Book Clubs

Hello Everyone!




Bereft Reality and Picking Murphys are now listed on the popular book club site Reader’s Circle, with First Responder soon to follow. Please check them out at READERSCIRCLE.ORG. If you would like Bereft Reality or Picking Murphys or First Responder added to your book club pleAse post or email the name of your club. Once added to your site I’ll place a link below to yours.

Bereft Reality Free Audio Sample


Bereft Reality Exposed

Approximately ten days ago Bereft Reality had it’s first reading in Columbus Indiana. The conversation was ‘enlightening and stimulating’ and kept the crowd entertained. Several people left that night with book marks and business cards so they could get their copy.

Be the first to have a reading/book club review in your community. You can find it on Amazon and Google on the internet and from the publisher as well. Enjoy the hardcoveR, paperback and e-book formats – order today! Please reach out to me with your comments and planned events via posting and email.

Don’t forget to look for us on Facebook and the internet via www.peggylanders.com or www.bereftreality.com and by searching for Bereft Reality on the intErnet and within Facebook.


Hope and Despair

Despair is all around us. It touches each and every one of us in one way or another. Here you will find information and comments on fun hobbies, recent crazy events, an interesting soon to be released book, and much more. Feel free to read about and comment on self esteem, how you feel about yourself, and even install NeverWinter Nights and play Hope and Despair.

2014 – What a wonderful Halloween treat. Please enjoy the first two chapters from Bereft Reality by James Summers.

2015 – Here comes a Valentine’s Day special – the first chapter of my newest project – Picking Murphys by James Summers. Enjoy!

4/20/2015 – Bereft Reality was published by Xlibris publishing on 4/20. Please go to  http://www.xlibris.com/ and click on bookstore link and then search for Bereft  Reality. Be the first to order your copy today!

4/28/2015 – Bereft Reality press releases went out to organizations in the following cities – Louisville, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Chicago, San Francisco and New York City.


Bereft Reality

Picking Murphys
First Responder
Lingering Issues  
Sixteen Point Six

I’m in the process of setting up book signings in the Kentuckiana area so check back often. 

I find darkness in all things good, no matter what I examine, and then write about it. Through my use of plot twists I take the reader down a mostly straight path until I skew what had earlier been described as normal. Keeping you on your toes and on the edge of your seat are of paramount importance to me; they are the byproducts of my horror. Sexual tension, social situations, and psychological horror are all intertwined with happiness, for a spell. I have yet to write fantasy or historical pieces, choosing instead to focus on psychosocial horror. I have written six novels, one of which was published and another is almost ready for editing. To make a longer story shorter, I love writing. Let me shock you today!


Taking Shape

Lovely progress is being made, and the site is just now being published to various places on the internet. Feel free to post about us on your favorite social media about the topics that interest you – lets help get the word out! The book has been named Bereft Reality, and other areas have come to life as well.

More changes are coming, so stay tuned. Below are some novel updates and additional information.


Bereft Reality is an adult erotica psychological thriller. It takes place in slums around Lincoln Park, Detroit and touches on the human aspects of self-worth and self-esteem. It stresses the good and evil inside us all, making you question what you would do in certain social situations. Heavy in pop culture references, shock and awe, and dream sequences to boot! This is the first book in the Fine Lines trilogy and was published 4/16/15.

Picking Murphys is an adult supernatural thriller. It takes place around the wonderful vacation town of Murphys, California. Follow a family of four as they are set upon by an evil spirit on the way to the trip of their lifetime. A pair of good spirits are never far behind, but seem to fall short when attempting to determine why the evil has centered on that family. The vengeful, evil spirit that will stop at nothing to achieve its goals. Detailed dreams and nightmares convolute reality, shocking you to your core. This book was published on 2/15/16.

First Responder is an adult supernatural psychological thriller. It takes place near a college in southern California. The main characters are a therapist vampire, an EMT, and a college student. Delving into psychiatric disorders, along with the difficulty of being a vampire in today’s society, I explore the desire to survive and the need to do good. This book is being edited.

You had better follow me in Goodreads or I’ll haunt your dreams… Unless you WANT me to haunt your dreams, in which case I shall NOT haunt your dreams. So, if you want interesting, different, shocking, and you love to read…..I’M YOUR GUY!