Market Your Book

Hey all, when it comes to most things in life, never quit, never surrender. The same applies to marketing your precious baby!
I had a yard sale two times recently, eacH two weeks apart. Each time as I thanked the people that came I mentioned that I’m a published author, I’m local, and you can’t find me in the book stores. I quickly plugged my book, and handed them my business card, Telling them “If you change your mind on that old table, email me, it’s on the card.”
I sold two books today, and autographed them both. Each time I heard “It’s not often you run into a published author in a garage sale, thanks for writing it!”
So – NEVER SURRENDER! Market yourself when you leave a tip for dinner, when you get your hair done, when you have your car serviced – you never know!

Having said that… If you are interested in buying a paper back or hard cover from me, find me on social media and I’ll give you the cost for an autographed book with pickup/shipping options – via PayPal.


I have sent out two loaner books to friends to pass out and offer others a chance to read the full book Bereft Reality; one to Winnipeg, Canada and the other to Louisville, Kentucky. Enjoy everyone!

James Summers

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