What You Know about Bereft Reality

Hey everybody.


This is just a plain page here for you to have some fun with. For those of you who have a little time on their hands, please feel free to answer to the best of your ability the following questions and submit via email to contest@peggylanders.com.


I’m wondering if you know why some characters are described in more detail than others? If you have read the book Bereft Reality to the end, then you know if got a bit ‘tricky’. Below please give as much detail from what you think you know about the characters. Enter for a chance to win an autographed hard cover of Bereft Reality!C

Character name, hair color, length of hair, eyes, height, approximate weight, facial expressions most often used, scars, tattoos, what they typically wore, their nickname-if applicable – BUT NO SPOILER ALERTS – don’t list if they made it or if they did not…

Where does the book take place, city, state, building/business?

Give at least seven pop culture references.


Good luck!