Hope and Despair


If you are interested in Killing Czecky in the World of Despair, please start playing now. You will need a head start, I will be roaming the wilds of the lands, by myself and you are free to PvP me as much as you like. Upon my death, you will receive 1,000,000 gold, and either a DM Crafted Short Sword or a Mace. You can kill me as often as you can find me, but just know that I will be a hard mark…
I will be listing the dates for my deaths on Facebook and this website. If you are interested, please get the word out and post on this site as well as the Facebook Despair page, just to be safe… Look for this to happen sometime early in October, and again probably around or ON Halloween!!!

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This is a NeverWinter Nights Game module which is a very large and dynamic world.  It has been up and running since 2003 and is on a very fast Windows 8 platform. It’s a modified version of soft subrace bonuses UNTIL you reach Demi-God and God status. Those two receive hard bonuses added directly to you Toons. Level all the way to 60 and beyond! Heavy, heavy, heavy questing PVP site.
Feel free to direct connect via IP

If you are returning to Despair or just joining this site, please add yourself to the forum and join your original guild, or request to join another. If your guild’s leader is currently unavailable and you are unrepresented, send a GM or DM an email to temporarily take control of the guild. The forums can be found on the left side of the Home page or just use the link below.



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  1. There is also a bounty system employed with different flags for levels of progression. When certain toons are killed you receive their head as a trophy. Those can be sold or traded for items. As you play Despair and gain notoriety, maybe your head will be worth something, too.

    Right now you can look for Blacky, Czecky and Bl@ckJ@ck heads, along with any old school player.

    Happy hunting!

  2. Healing is being adjusted to offer more HOPE within Hope and Despair. It will now heal 400 points of life, instead of failing on percentages and or providing a lower percentage of life restored. This is wonderful, and it’s another way that Hope and Despair cares about killing all of you, slowly, over time…

  3. Hello, I used to play Despair along time ago, and I recently redownloaded my nwn game, however even after downloading the cep’s I require when I try to log in It tells me I need a “cep2_custom.tlk” file, and I do not know where to find this file, if anyone could help me I would be much appreciative. Thanks in advanced

    1. Ah. Nice. I’ll try to get your toons from the backup drive. You’ll need to have that file placed into the TLK folder in your game folders. Don’t forget to join the forums so you can post and join the Hope and Despair forum – the link’s on the left.

  4. Holiday bonuses are coming down this weekend – get your chances for random loot before they are gone!

    Adding Tyler’s areas next week – so check them out!

  5. Dwarven Defender

    1. 3 or 4% immunity to all damages /5 levels of DD max of 18% or 24% at level 30 DD

    2. +1AB /6 levels of DD


    1. Discipline – Characters with 30base STR makes discipline like tumble to a maximum of +8 ac with 40 base points of discipline stacks like tumble aswell on top of tumble.

    2. Parry – Every base point in parry gives 1% immune to critical hits max 50%

    im thinking on more modifications atm but these ones I have now thanks

  6. Wait for the Azer Soldier and Lieutenants Blacky, only new level 60 tons will be able to play them. This should increase Bl@ckJ@ck’s game play over the next weekend or two….

    Muhaha ha haaaaaaa

  7. Intermittent issues with the power grid in Southern Indiana… Expected to be resolved by Sunday but for now the server is up and online.

  8. Despair is being rebuilt, pls be patient, backups retain all items, characters, just need the mod to load all maps without erroring out.

    Progress is being made.

  9. Server is back up and running, new IP. New maps are in, scripts are updated, new loot, bonuses are, well, still working, for some areas, and heals work in combat.

  10. I’m almost done with X-mas updates! Be the first to qualify for the brand new subrace… All you have to do is to show up a few days before Halloween with a few friends and get ahold of me on social media so I can log onto the server… and then you must complete a special quest to obtain the subrace data.

    See Czecky for details!

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