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~ ALSO: One of our Featured Authors: James Summers, Author of “Picking Murphys”


James Summers was a member of the United States Army Reserves during Operation Desert Storm in 1991. Activated but never deployed overseas, he spent the better portion of six months waiting several times a day for a trip that never came. Honorably discharged afterwards, he spent his days learning computers and broke into the IT field where he still works today. Writing was always a passion with James, and now he’s the author of an exciting new book: “Picking Murphys”. Picking Murphys is an adult psychological horror thriller and it’s beginning to cause quite a stir. Although a book about horror, Picking Murphys is based on a unique and actually very positive twist to life. And here it is:

Goodness and morality are always present in each and everything we do. You see it in heroes, in villains, in everyday man. James takes you down the road where good is beset upon all sides by decisions that for better or worse help shape the person you would hope to become. There are always casualties along the way, and although defeated evil may reappear in another form, there will always be someone available to fight the good fightLook not to others to do the right thing for you, look inwards of yourself and try to be that person.

The Picking Murphys plot takes place around the wonderful vacation town of Murphys, California. Follow a family of four as they are set upon by an evil spirit on the way to their trip of a lifetime. Although a pair of good spirits is never far behind, they always seem to fall short when attempting to determine why the evil has centered on that family. Lose yourself in the wilds of California as you become engrossed in a vengeful evil spirit that will stop at nothing to achieve its goals. Detailed dreams and nightmares convolute reality, shocking you to your core. There is always enough good to prevail if one can dig deep enough to find it. This book was published on 2/15/16.

As mentioned, writing was always a passion with James, and with the books from authors such as Stephen King, Clive Barker, and R. L. Stine never far from reach, it was only a matter of time.

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