First Responder – unedited spoilers


One of darkness hides among us in today’s society. He works the evening shift at a well known eating order clinic in California as an on-call psychologist. The location is close to a central highway that runs through and around several large forested areas that belong to the state and the national park service. It is a lonely road infrequently travelled at night, and riddled with dangerous curves. The local authorities and first responders know it as the Mulholland Dieway.

Get lost and enjoy the ride James Summers takes you on – just stay out of California!


Some excerpts in no order. There will be more to follow, possibly even an entire chapter!

Check back often!


Official blurb and reviews that made the back covers!

Centrally located between Malibu Creek and Topanga state parks is a lonely stretch of road the locals refer to as the ‘Mulholland Dieway’. Here first responders frequently rally to save those unfortunate enough to find themselves stranded and in need of assistance. For years Karen thought that section of road was unusually treacherous-tonight would be no different.

Nearby lies a creature with a heart as black as night. It has reinvented itself and moves through time unnoticed by most. It feeds on those less fortunate and in dire straits. Immersing itself in the misfortune of others, it is a life saver for most, but for some, the last thing they will ever see.



I love the way it flows! The different perspectives were awesome – Erica D.


The storyline is really intriguing; I just love it – Jay S.


Loved it! It always kept me wanting to read more. I can’t wait for the sequel – Rob S.


As an EMT I am a holder of hands, a consoler of families, a patient advocate, a fixer of the broken. I am the saver of lives while putting my own aside. We work long tireless shifts, having no personal life, and it’s all worth it. “No greater love has he….” – Karen T.


Cindy had long legs, a strong smile and enough confidence to make most men follow her commands to the letter. The problem was that she didn’t like most men. More to the point, she didn’t like most of the men that she had access to in her small town at her even smaller junior college. Prepared for an epic battle to obtain said rewards, Cindy watched her surroundings carefully as she continued walking to her vehicle. All was well as she unlocked her door and got inside. It would take her ten minutes to drive to the gas station and another ten to reach her apartment.  Soon all would be right with the world.

“Nothing, he’s holding nothing, as there would be no time remaining. Although today is Friday, it is almost midnight, and therefore the challenges are concluded for the day. How did you fare tonight, Tom?” Cindy asked.

                “I won,” Tom quickly responded, mainly out of reflex.

                “Tina, never fear. Your answer was self-explanatory. Congrats girls, you are now deserving of your chocolates,” the woman in red cheered.

The bartender approached and displayed her tray. In front of both women were two sets of identical chocolates, in the shape of their Greek symbols. The one on the left was dark chocolate, the middle was white, and on the far end, milk chocolate. The two women looked at each other and hugged each other before turning back to the chocolates. They had made it, it was all over.

Cindy took the milk chocolate piece and stuck it in her mouth. Tina looked at her and what remained of her chocolates. She reached for hers and picked up all three pieces. Smiling at Cindy and telling her she had made a bad decision, she placed all three in her mouth and enjoyed them all at the same time.

                This shocked Cindy to her core. It almost sobered her up, almost. Had Tina been playing the game all along? Why had she cared for this woman at all in the first place; Cindy was trying to pledge the sorority, not make friends per se.

                “I’m sorry, Cindy. Although you did choose the product of diversity correctly, you are not what we are looking for, good day,” the woman in black said sternly.

“I guess you only need an invitation once then,” she said laughing.

Reaching for the gate she took hold of his hand and led him through the door. Taking her first steps into her bed room with a stranger is what Linda enjoyed the most. She loved the shock and awe. She loved the presentation. She loved most things, but not herself; for Linda did not love herself. Noticing that he stood where they had first walked in, and that he didn’t seem to be examining the entire room, she turned to him and smiled.

“Am I not what you desire?” she said sadly.

Together the offset V had many things in common. They all were loners, except to each other. All of them were single, with no children. Everyone was an only child, with no surviving immediate family. Together they were perfect for their unofficial line of work. Joe was always the one who said that because of that childhood pact, they all never married. “Maybe he was right”, Karen thought.

Midafternoon already, how time flies! Looking ahead to tonight’s work she ran over it again and again. It had to go off like clockwork. It involved a 911 call in for a smoking, overturned car somewhere east through the curves on Mulholland. Before this call would be made, Dom would call Clarence and confirm he rolled the car over the guard rail safely, thus flipping it upside down. She would also inquire if he was ok after doing it. If he wasn’t, there would be no trap tonight.

He struck him with the crucifix and then placed it squarely on his forehead as he fished through the baggy for wafers. Dr. Stevens let out a loud horrible scream of pain, stretching his mouth open in an exaggerating way as large as it would go. Father Wayne saw his chance and pushed a few wafers into the creature’s mouth and then stepped off to the side. He looked on as the vampire stopped screaming and spit out the wafers. He saw no smoke or blisters from the cross against his face; it was as if it did not work at all.

“I must apologize. I never eat, bread,” Dr. Stevens said with a smile as he removed the crucifix and threw it across the room.

The room was totally silent save the soft giggles coming from the bedroom. Bridgette was no longer in the doorway, but she was still alive. She would be of no use to Karen; she was lost to her when this whole thing started. Chretien opened the bathroom door. Karen watched as Mary’s head rolled to her right and stopped a few feet away. Mary’s facial expression was that of peace; she smiled at Karen as a child would after having asked for a piece of candy.

Jack awoke some time later with his hands tied together and held above his head. He was suspended from the ceiling by another rope that dangled annoyingly just off the side of his face. Jack was slowly twisting to the left with his feet approximately a foot above the wooden floor and his head hanging low. It took him several seconds longer to fully comprehend the predicament he was in. When he tried to get free he noticed that his feet were also tied together at the ankles. There didn’t seem to be much that he could do to escape.

With the amount of pain he was experiencing in his shoulders, Jack wasn’t sure how long he had been hanging from the ceiling. As best as he could determine with his experience with pain, he figured it to be about two days or more. Any sort of effort to move or free himself was met with dagger-like shooting pain that radiated from his shoulders down the middle of his back. Jack thought it unnatural for him to feel such pain in his shoulders from being suspended from the ceiling by his wrists. His attempts at freedom only managed to turn him slightly faster as his rope straightened under his weight.