Contact The Author


Thank you for your interest. Please follow the instructions below for your greatest chance of success.


  1. Reference your appropriate book as follows: 
    1. If Bereft Reality, turn to chapter six, fourteenth page of that chapter, the third paragraph, and finally the sixth word. 
    2. If Picking Murphys, turn to chapter nine, ninth page of that chapter, the sixteenth paragraph, and finally the eleventh word.
    3. If First Responder, please reach out to someone who can help you with night frights and terrors, as these must be corrected BEFORE contacting me.
  2. Find your favorite quiet spot, and check every third word, taking the 1st letter of the first, the second of the second, and so on.
  3. Follow those words to contact me. 

IF all else fails, please reach out to me on social media author or personal sites and leave feedback – that’s the best way that I can be reached. If that fails, then you could choose to contact me via email.





James Summers

Your Dark Horror Author