My Novels and Published Works

Here are the novels that I’ve written, some paragraphs and chapters to peak your curiosity, and much more. I am currently working on book two of the Fine Lines Trilogy – Sixteen Point Six and my newest project, Site 123 (Working Title) novels, so check back often!


Previous and current projects


First Responder is a dark romance psychological thriller. Centrally located between Malibu Creek and Topanga state parks is a lonely stretch of road the locals refer to as the ‘Mulholland Dieway’. Here first responders frequently rally to save those unfortunate enough to find themselves stranded and in need of assistance. For years Karen thought that section of road was unusually treacherous-tonight would be no different. Nearby lies a creature with a heart as black as night. It has reinvented itself and moves through time unnoticed by most. It feeds on those less fortunate and in dire straits. Immersing itself in the misfortune of others, it is a life saver for most, but for some, the last thing they will ever see. This is the first book an unnamed trilogy and was published 2/21/17buy here.



Picking Murphys is an adult supernatural thriller. It takes place around the wonderful vacation town of Murphys, California. Follow a family of four as they are set upon by an evil spirit on the way to the trip of their lifetime. A pair of good spirits is never far behind; but seem to fall short when attempting to determine why the evil has centered on that family. The vengeful, evil spirit will stop at nothing to achieve its goals. Detailed dreams and nightmares convolute reality, shocking you to your core. Are you prepared to take a trip with your inner demon? Can you fight against something you cannot see? This is the first book an unnamed trilogy and was published 2/15/16 – buy here.



Bereft Reality is an adult erotica psychological thriller. It takes place in slums around Lincoln Park, Detroit and touches on the human aspects of self-worth and self-esteem. It stresses the good and evil inside us all, making you question what you would do in certain social situations. Heavy in pop culture references, shock and awe, and dream sequences to boot! This is the first book in the Fine Lines trilogy and was published 4/16/15 – buy here.


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Buy Online – Picking Murphys
Buy Online – Bereft Reality

Picking Murphys – Book one – unnamed trilogy
First Responder – Book one – unnamed trilogy

Site 123 (Working Title) – Outlining February 2017

Lingering Issues – Unpublished
Sixteen Point Six – Book two – Fine Lines trilogy – Unpublished
UNTITLED – Book three – Fine Lines trilogy – Unpublished

My newest project is being edited and should be ready sometime in September 2016 for submission. I am outlining the last book of the Fine Lines trilogy and drafting another novel as well.

If you are a business and would like to be mentioned in Bereft Reality or it’s sequels please email me three paragraphs or less and cover why you would be a good fit for these books. I would like to do a recommended reading or partners page.

I am also looking for a red or blue haired individual to be on the cover of the sequel – Sixteen Point Six. There will not be a contest for this, and you would pay a small fee to be used on the cover, with no promise of any additional compensation or royalties. Your opportunity to be on the cover or the jacket would be great to start your career and would look nice on your CV.

James Summers
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  1. My first novel is awaiting publishing, the second is going through it’s initial editing phase, and the third is being outlined. Good times!

  2. My first book signing is at a local book store on May 14, 2016 from 2 – 4 PM.

    Destinations Booksellers, 604 East Spring Street, New Albany, IN 47150

    Look for me on Readers Circle, Goodreads, Eventbrite, and other local calendars. They have my soft cover books already on their shelves and I’m bringing extras along with hard covers. Stop by for my reading from Picking Murphys, a new horror book and my autograph!

  3. My camping trip to Hardy Lake – working on the First Responder novel, a rough diary.

    Day One –

    I filled up the water tank and backed into the site. Before I’m even unhooked I have a huge horsefly attack my right leg. It was savaged right above my heel. When I attend to it and spray bug repellent, I notice a matching bite mark above my right heel with a blood trail that went down and soaked part of my sock! Good times! I set everything up and check my TVs, laptop and PS4. I have forgotten my spicy sausages for tomorrow’s breakfast and my iPad Shuffle – so no loud soundtrack (as my laptop speaker’s going out. I find it unusually hot and humid and my air conditioner is tasked to keep up. The fan is somewhat amusing, as it seems to help, but it’s not enough to keep me frigid! Writing in my book distracts me until I get tired. I’m on a roll so I keep writing and before I know it, it’s midnight-time for bed.

    Day Two –

    Woke up after 8 am feeling wonderfully rested. I chose to have 2 donuts and coffee for breaky. A trip to the community out house is in order as there’s just not enough dirty water in the tank to accommodate. It’s humid already, but there’s a bit of a breeze. I wrote in my book and edited the first two chapters. Chili dogs for lunch, yes thank you. I also had a few tortillas flavored Pringles. The rain is coming; it is very, very cloudy and windy. I’m again writing my book as it get darker outside. They are coming…

    Day Three –

    It is in stark contrast from the empty campground upon my initial setup to where I am now. It looks like a zombie apocalypse has occurred. There are all manner of people and all sizes of vehicles. Total commotion and chaos has erupted at exactly 2:01 pm (check-in time). I now focus on fishing and protecting my cooler of beer with my fishing knife and the farts from several Slim Jims. Who knows, it just might do the trick.

    Day Four –

    I write nearly illegible text due to beer and fart intoxication. Still no fish to speak of and its quite noisy at times. I enjoy the movie Deadpool on my PS4 and go back to writing to clean up of some of my newest thoughts. What a wonderful trip after all is said and done.

    I love our state parks. Visit them today and enjoy the world we live in.
    James Summers

    Good times!

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