Lingering Issues – Paragraphs

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Emily laughed as she unlocked the bakery’s doors. She had to pick up and move several dozen vases of bright red roses. She was almost finished carrying them all in when a pair of feet approached. She looked up and the man was holding two more dozen roses. He smiled and motioned for the door. Emily smiled back, blushed and then opened it for him. The couple placed the roses on the nearby table and Emily went back to lock the door.

William smiled again at Emily and gave her a small kiss, along with a strong hug. Emily returned the kiss and closed her eyes, enjoying the moment, she felt warm all over, she was in love. Her boyfriend of almost two weeks now was a passionate man. Emily could tell he was a wonderful man when she first met him, but she never thought he capable of incredibly romantic things. He was good looking, after all, so something has to be wrong with him, she thought laughing in her head.

He held on to her firmly and started walking her backwards towards a nearby door. They passed into the backroom slowly, kissing as they went. Emily placed her feet on his and enjoyed the trip with one passionate kiss after another keeping her occupied. The kisses grew longer and involved more tongue; things were heating up, she loved it.

“Oh William, how wonderful. What a great way to start my day!’ she said between kisses.
“I love you, Emily. You are quite enjoyable, full of life and very active”, William said as he turned her slightly to her left, continuing to walk into the backroom and slightly turning out of sight past the doorway.

Another kiss from him and he held her tighter, their kisses sliding more and more off each other’s lips. He trailed off a few times to just south of her earlobe and sucked gently on it. He rolled his tongue over and around her diamond stud earring.

Whispering softly he told her he was sorry, as he continued walking toward the walk-in cooler. Emily’s heart froze, her eyes widened. His kisses now were meant to silence, to hurt. At times she found it hard to breathe between his mouth rubbing over hers and his arms that had started squeezing the life out of her. He pushed her against the walk-in door and with one hand pulled out on the lever. Stepping backwards while still kissing her and holding onto the door was no easy task, William thought. “Damn I’m good”, he said as they stepped inside and he closed the door.