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I hope we’ll get some good tips and hints here from new and old players alike. I will also organize some links down below for help in leveling new toons by class, guild, alignment along with additional hints, clues and maps to help young and old.

There are over 990 maps to explore and fight for your life through.

Over 99 subraces offer detailed and complex building of characters, including base, hidden and bonus ones achieved only through advancing to and past level 60 and achieving the Demi-God and God status.

Multiple cities are present to take your hard earned gold, some of which are thriving, abandoned, evil, good, just and greedy.

Too many dragons to count, will you be the one to gain the bonuses for ridding Despair from multiple dragons?

Heavy, heavy quests, so much so that some will only be achieved upon reaching Demi-God and God status. Some quests are class, race and/or alignment specific.

There are guilds that have been active in Despair for years. These become active during certain times of the year, as players come and go for this reason and that. All toons are backed up along with their gear as good as one can do nowadays and moved back into folders even if IDs are lost during game reinstalls.

Tokens are used heavily throughout the world of Despair. They can be turned in for favors, for help inside the game and to purchase items of great power.

As you play in the world of Despair you have the possibility to become part of the world of Despair. There are items and instances of characters that have helped to mold and develop Despair.

This is a soft bonus based world up to the point where one gains Demi-God status. You can read about becoming a Demi-God or God inside the game by speaking to vendors or merchants, reading books and even finding signs and posts around the world. Those bonuses offer subraces that only a higher character who has achieved those statuses can play, along with additional bonuses hard coded into the toons by an editor.

The ability to move here and there, using items that bind or teleport you is available to you. You can have up to three houses, each one costing more than the last, and coupled with the ability to belong to a guild and/or subrace hideout helps you navigate through the lands of Despair very easily once you know where you would like to live…

These are only a few of the selling points on why it would be a wise decision to move your guild to Despair. Unless you want to experience the DESPAIR portion moreso than the HOPE, you’ll want to start with a fighter/farmer before you try to tackle us with just a mage… Just sayn’


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