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Thanks for checking this page out, by doing so you have already helped! From time to time I will post here about what I’m looking for with my current book projects. It might entail a place to have a reading, a book signing, voice overs, cover art or anything in between.


If you would like to be in a sample reading for the novels Picking Murphys or First Responder, please create an audio file and read the first three or four paragraphs. You can email this to me or send it to my address in the Contact page.


Be the first to review Bereft Reality, Picking Murphys, and First Responder at your book club. Leave your feedback on, and– help spread the word. Editing is almost complete on my newest novel UNTITLED! IM me for some free paragraphs from my new projects. Follow me in social media – go to for additional info.

I’m looking for chapters in Southern Indiana and Louisville, Kentucky where I can come and discuss my book and answer your questions in person!


James Summers



We need more video reviews and pictures of your reality, I’m looking for your help. This is for my Bereft Reality book project, which was published in April, 2015. Place a chair down for you to sit on. Suspend a white sheet in front of your chair and place a light behind you. You will leave a silhouette on the sheet from the light, and that’s your canvas. Setup your phone or camera to record video and in your lowest, darkest voice speak your feelings. Talk about the book, or your thoughts on the characters or anything else relating to the topics covered in Bereft Reality, and I’ll add them to the site for others to review. Please email them with a brief paragraph or two, including how you want your name to be listed, if at all. Let’s all help to get the word out about Bereft Reality. If you would rather send in pictures, feel free to do so and I’ll consider posting them where appropriate.


Currently looking for a blue or red haired woman for some cover art for book two of the Fine Lines Trilogy. Any pictures sent in will only be used for that purpose, and you name will be mentioned in the book and on this site, if you wish. There will be no monies returned for said picture, nor royalties for any books that I might sell; this is as much to advertise you, as it is me.


Looking for a local residential or business location to have book signings and readings. My focus is on the Southern Indiana/Louisville Kentucky areas. Please reach out to me via social media or email.


Artists needed! I’m looking to place several black and white drawings/sketches towards the middle of book two of the Fine Lines Trilogy – Sixteen Point Six. I need the topics to depict horror, depression, despair, hope, pain, loss, frustration, and I need to have a main focus of social anxiety and fear. The artist will receive mention in the book and on this site, if desired. There will also be one or two of the images displayed on their own pages within my site with two hundred words or less about it. The selected artist will also have a page with their bio and any other relevant information, up to one thousand words. There will be no monies returned for said picture, nor royalties for any books that I might sell; this is as much to advertise you, as it is me.


My newest novel, First Responder is being finished and will soon be ready for an editor. I’m looking to crowd source some if not all of this book. I’m offering several options for you to influence the book as you help me to move it closer to publishing.

I will list all details soon but here are a few thoughts of what I was wanting to do. Everything here is subject to change.

  1. Honorary mention on my site for helping to donate any amount to this project.
  2. Dinner with the author, somewhere in public in Downtown New Albany, Indiana at a place of my choosing.
  3. A phone call with the author to speak to an individual or book club about the First Responder novel, proper.
  4. You could have a character named after you, or a name of your choosing.
  5. An interview over the phone or possibly the internet with questions focussing on me as an author and about the novel.

Any thoughts?



Thanks for your help,

James Summers

3 thoughts on “How You Can Help”

  1. I am looking for a new publisher to finish my trilogies on the two books that I have published. I am also looking forward to working with a new company in my newest novel First Responder. I will be moving forward with my plans to do a screen play for Picking Murpys, and to move Bereft Reality into an after hours mini series. Contact me.

  2. What do you think?

    OK everybody. I’m working on my cover for my newest novel First Responder and I wanted a little bit of harsh Facebook reality and feedback. What do you think about honoring a loved one or friend on the covers of my novel?

    I will be starting a fund raising campaign shortly to move this book along very quickly. It’s goal will be to aid in publishing and help to get the book out. A screen play will also be pursued, with the overall goal of taking this one above and beyond in every way.

    The book is a fictional representation of first responders with a psychological horror flare that only I can deliver. Since this book deals with accidents involving the police and EMTs, I am bringing this to the cover. There will be multiple donation options available, with various rewards and benefits; but one of the most controversial is the ability to honor a loved one or friend who has died in an automobile crash on the covers of my book.

    For a donation, you would have a page in the book where you could mention and talk about that loved one. For a slightly higher donation, you could have a picture of the accident that you provide be used for the cover. I would offer separate donation amounts for the front and back covers, with both having a memorial page within the book.

    There will be other ways to honor loved ones inside the book, in several different categories and ways.

    What do you think – would you do it?

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