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I find darkness in all things good, no matter what I examine, and then write about it. Through my use of plot twists I take the reader down a narrow path, until I skew what had earlier been described as normal.

I love writing - let my psychological horror shock you today!

What Lies In Wait For Thee?

James Summers First Responder book cover

First Responder

Centrally located between Malibu Creek and Topanga State Park is a lonely stretch of road the locals refer to as the "Mulholland Dieway". Here first responders rally to save those unfortunate enough to find themselves stranded and in need of assistance. For years Karen thought that section of road was unusually treacherous - tonight would be no different.

Nearby lies a creature with a heart as black as night. It has reinvented itself and moves through time unnoticed by most.. It feeds on those unfortunate and in dire straits. Immersing itself in the misfortune of others, it is a life saver for most, but for some, the last thing they will ever see.

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James Summers Bereft Reality book cover

Bereft Reality

On the outskirts of the slums around Lincoln Park, Michigan, chaos reigns. Most local businesses have long since left but, for one local business, life is good. An unknown local business owner offers a new you, at a cost. They focus on self-esteem, particularly in women, and offer a full spectrum of social and business skills necessary to succeed in today's corporate America.

Esteem can be a powerful weapon, a two edged sword wielding as much power verbally as it could physically. What would you do if you grew up being told that the sky was green and the grass was blue?

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James Summers Picking Murphys book cover

Picking Murphys

Attempting to start over anew, Matthew travels to California in pursuit of his dreams. However, an evil presence has taken an interest in Matthew and his son, Robbie. Everything that happens leads its prey to California; all done according to plan. Not a single decision or happening occurred without its direction. Although not always immediately present, it was never too far away to admire its handiwork. It watched on as their lives completely unraveled.

Hold onto your fears as you witness what's possible when one applies determination in an uphill struggle. Could you persevere in extreme adversity? Could you fight against what you cannot see? Do you believe in one and not the other?

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Our Reviews Are Thrilling

This book will haunt me for a long time, but in a good way!

Stacy Stacy

I love the way it flows! The different perspectives were awesome.

Erica D. Erica D.

WOW! What a book. It is a horror movie in written form.

Gabriel Gabriel

Loved it! It always kept me wanting to read more. I can’t wait for the sequel.

Rob S. Rob S.