Have a hankerin’ for waffles in the middle of the night? Do you like taking matters into your own hands? Does visiting car accidents excite you?

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First Responder

First Responder book cover

Centrally located between Malibu Creek and Topanga State Park is a lonely stretch of road the locals refer to as the "Mulholland Dieway". Here first responders rally to save those unfortunate enough to find themselves stranded and in need of assistance. For years Karen thought that section of road was unusually treacherous - tonight would be no different.

Nearby lies a creature with a heart as black as night. It has reinvented itself and moves through time unnoticed by most.. It feeds on those unfortunate and in dire straits. Immersing itself in the misfortune of others, it is a life saver for most, but for some, the last thing they will ever see.

An Excerpt

Their Whambulance was always left running so at a moment’s notice they could be on their way. Karen waved to a few fire fighters she passed in the hallway on her way to the back of the station. Pushing the women’s restroom door open she walked inside. She had taken two steps inside when the door closed with a squeak. Stopping where she stood she looked around. It was beautiful. Beiges, tans, and browns took control of the palate in this room. California Golden Slate tiling covered every inch of the floor. Natural wooden doors with horizontal slats filled the insides from top to bottom of the sturdy doors.

The lighting in the room was soft, and easy on the eyes. The stalls were supported by tiled columns that reached to the ceiling. The sinks were separate pedestals, equally spaced with everything within an arm’s reach for convenience. You could stand in front of your sink and easily grab hand towels, lotion, soap, napkins, and tissues. There was even an eye glass cleaner dispenser! Looking in the mirror Karen counted eight stalls that covered the back wall. All were open wide and appeared to have been recently cleaned. This was probably used as an overflow for the men. Of all the fire fighters, only two were women.

Smiling widely, Karen chose stall five and walked inside. After closing the door Karen locked it by pushing the button on the stainless steel handle. Using her time, she accessed her cell phone and looked for any new social media posts. “Nope, no new emails,” Karen thought as she swiped to check her texts. Karen was finished checking her phone when she heard the squeak of the door. She knew that someone had just entered. She listened as the stall door next to hers closed and a pair of black sneakers walked in. The woman began relieving herself almost immediately, Karen envied that, it normally took her several minutes before she could go. “I have to get that checked out one day,” Karen chuckled. The woman finished and stood up, exiting before Karen had even started.

The toilet flushed after the woman had walked away. It made enough noise to mask where the woman had walked to. Karen wasn’t sure if it was the noise the water made when the pedestal sink was used or the flushing noise of the toilet next to her, but on cue she began urinating. After finishing, Karen listened for the squeaking door to tell her someone had just left before getting up and opening her door. She pulled the door to her and moved to the left so she could exit. Karen managed to put one foot in front of the other before she was pushed back into the stall by Lisa.

“There’s something I’ve wanted to tell you,” Lisa said as she avoided eye contact and locked the door.

Karen smiled and placed her palms outward and turned her head slightly to the side smiling.

“I’m flattered but,” Karen finished before Lisa kneed her in the stomach.


The story line is really intriguing; I just love it

Jay S. Jay S.

As an EMT I am a holder of hands, a consoler of families, a patient advocate, a fixer of the broken. I am the saver of lives while putting my own aside. We work long tireless shifts, having no personal life, and it’s all worth it. “No greater love has he…”

Karen T. Karen T.

Karen’s journey is filled with suspense that immediately captivated me and pulled me in with the first pages.

Fran S. Fran S.