Losing your marbles? At a casino wearing only a valet’s jacket? Uncomfortable in the driver’s seat of a canary yellow Mustang?

Read Picking Murphys today!

Picking Murphys

Picking Murphys book cover

From Connecticut to California, evil runs rampant. It learns as it goes, having been released into our world without the benefit of a mentor. It has gone by many names and held many jobs. Waiting patiently for the next distraction, it stares at the wall for hours on end.

Attempting to start over anew, Matthew travels to California in pursuit of his dreams. He purchases property to mine for minerals beneath the beautiful countryside. Join Matthew as he explores his new environment while working to become a great role model to his son, Robbie.

However, an evil presence has taken an interest in Matthew and Robbie. Everything that happens leads its prey to California; all done according to plan. Not a single decision or happening occurred without its direction. Although not always immediately present, it was never too far away to admire its handiwork. It watched on as their lives completely unraveled.

Follow Matthew and Robbie as their lives and everyone around them become intertwined with the supernatural. Its evil doings do not go unnoticed by all. An older couple follows the evil as closely as they can. An intriguing game of cat and mouse ensues, with those in pursuit always two steps behind.

Hold onto your fears as you witness what's possible when one applies determination in an uphill struggle. Could you persevere in extreme adversity? Could you fight against what you cannot see? Do you believe in one and not the other?

An Excerpt


nder what pretense do you think I care for you at all? It is to please the One, and in doing so I find my thirst for knowledge and power satiated. To spread darkness and chaos is to enlighten all to that which has been previously hidden from sight. I did not start out this way, there was a time when my goals were how do you say, much loftier. To darkness I was drawn and closer and closer I moved around the periphery until one day I was pulled inside.


ever have I thought what others did around me mattered. Seeing people grow older as they live out their pathetic lives interested me, at first. Finding a mate, having children, growing their lives together; it was not that long to wait. One could sit and pass the time at a nearby fireplace and watch them all age; I am nothing if not patient. Some would achieve greatness, but most would just pass to leave their marks upon their own lawns.


ow I spend my time with you depends on your strength, or lack thereof. Just look at you sitting there in your chair reading my story. You have been comfortable up to this point. When I tell you that you are wearing a blue t-shirt with jeans and that you are barefoot, you tense up. Don’t worry; there is no need to be overly frightened or to run, I have plans for you. Do me a favor will you, please try not to do good today, you will probably just piss me off.


pen your mind to me. It is only a matter of time before I achieve my goals; it is inevitable. You are probably thinking on stopping, but it is a wonderful read; you must carry on. Why it is unknown how mad I would become if you never experience what I have in store for you. Whatever you choose to do, do not go to the last chapter and read from there; you will surely miss out on what I wish you to learn from me.


ove, what do you know about love? Peace, compassion, trust; throw these words out of your vocabulary, you no longer need them. Love only yourself; the ones around you, the ones who you have picked to share your life with, they care not for you. Trust no one with two or less legs; man is inherently evil, there is bad inside you all. Take pets for a moment; it is your definition that I speak of, not mine. You do not see pets screwing each other over, do you? Now I am not talking about the predator and prey relationship, I love that part; I refer to two squirrels attempting to kill each other over a dispute about their nuts.


esterday I spent some time with you, and to be quite honest you bore me. Each and every day you try too hard, you know. Others will like you if they want to. Others will spend time with you if they want to. Others will most likely not think you are attractive, so stop trying, it’s embarrassing. Oh, and let us find you another job; the one you currently try to succeed in is an endeavor in futility. Enough about you let us get back to me; there is so much more I want to show you.


Okay this book is not for the faint of heart or easily spooked… it is downright creepy and at times quite disturbing.

Jesse Jesse

I didn’t expect to be so sucked into this world that Mr. Summers created as I was. I will probably have nightmares!

Cody Cody

The book starts off with an intriguing, unforgettable and action-packed beginning and just keeps going from there.

Nicole Nicole

“Picking Murphys” is one of the most creepy, original, and well-crafted novels I’ve read in a long time! I was completely drawn in from the opening scenes, and enjoyed Summers’ use of description of the different characters and their history/backstory and events, and his attention to detail.

Stacy Stacy

Haunting and engrossing, this tale of psychological horror as told by author James Summers will have you on the edge of your seat, hiding beneath the covers, and leave you wanting more

Cale Cale