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Picking Murphys

Picking Murphys

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From Connecticut to California, evil runs rampant. It learns as it goes, having been released into our world without the benefit of a mentor. It has gone by many names and held many jobs. Waiting patiently for the next distraction, it stares at the wall for hours on end.
Attempting to start over anew, Matthew travels to California in pursuit of his dreams. He purchases property to mine for minerals beneath the beautiful countryside. Join Matthew as he explores his new environment while working to become a great role model to his son, Robbie.
However, an evil presence has taken an interest in Matthew and Robbie. Everything that happens leads its prey to California; all done according to plan. Not a single decision or happening occurred without its direction. Although not always immediately present, it was never too far away to admire its handiwork. It watched on as their lives completely unraveled.
Follow Matthew and Robbie as their lives and everyone around them become intertwined with the supernatural. Its evil doings do not go unnoticed by all. An older couple follows the evil as closely as they can. An intriguing game of cat and mouse ensues, with those in pursuit always two steps behind.


Random Excerpts



nder what pretense do you think I care for you at all? It is to please the One, and in doing so I find my thirst for knowledge and power satiated. To spread darkness and chaos is to enlighten all to that which has been previously hidden from sight. I did not start out this way, there was a time when my goals were how do you say, much loftier. To darkness I was drawn and closer and closer I moved around the periphery until one day I was pulled inside.


ever have I thought what others did around me mattered. Seeing people grow older as they live out their pathetic lives interested me, at first. Finding a mate, having children, growing their lives together; it was not that long to wait. One could sit and pass the time at a nearby fireplace and watch them all age; I am nothing if not patient. Some would achieve greatness, but most would just pass to leave their marks upon their own lawns.


ow I spend my time with you depends on your strength, or lack thereof. Just look at you sitting there in your chair reading my story. You have been comfortable up to this point. When I tell you that you are wearing a blue t-shirt with jeans and that you are barefoot, you tense up. Don’t worry; there is no need to be overly frightened or to run, I have plans for you. Do me a favor will you, please try not to do good today, you will probably just piss me off.


pen your mind to me. It is only a matter of time before I achieve my goals; it is inevitable. You are probably thinking on stopping, but it is a wonderful read; you must carry on. Why it is unknown how mad I would become if you never experience what I have in store for you. Whatever you choose to do, do not go to the last chapter and read from there; you will surely miss out on what I wish you to learn from me.


ove, what do you know about love? Peace, compassion, trust; throw these words out of your vocabulary, you no longer need them. Love only yourself; the ones around you, the ones who you have picked to share your life with, they care not for you. Trust no one with two or less legs; man is inherently evil, there is bad inside you all. Take pets for a moment; it is your definition that I speak of, not mine. You do not see pets screwing each other over, do you? Now I am not talking about the predator and prey relationship, I love that part; I refer to two squirrels attempting to kill each other over a dispute about their nuts.


esterday I spent some time with you, and to be quite honest you bore me. Each and every day you try too hard, you know. Others will like you if they want to. Others will spend time with you if they want to. Others will most likely not think you are attractive, so stop trying, it’s embarrassing. Oh, and let us find you another job; the one you currently try to succeed in is an endeavor in futility. Enough about you let us get back to me; there is so much more I want to show you.




     “Yes, you will, and you will not enjoy it, hon, I’m afraid it’s more for me than for you, so enjoy what you can. When you awake, you will not remember any of this,” she said again.
Where these thoughts came from Betty did not know, but they did disturb her. She was hoping to awake from this dream very shortly and then she could get on with her day. Immediately following that thought she felt the first of many explosions shoot through her body. Her left hand took it upon itself to pinch and pull and twist the meaty portion of her left thigh that it held on to; and it would not stop. All of this coupled with the orgasm she was feeling drove her crazy.
Make it stop, stop this now, what is going on. Wake up, Betty, wake up, she thought. The f***ing intensified and even as her orgasm grew so did her pain. She kept on banging her head up and down in front of the mirror, as if was being controlled totally by something she did not understand. Her head hurt, her neck hurt and the pain in her head grew just as fast as her feelings of pleasure did. Her left hand kept on pulling outward as far as it would go, she was sure she was bruised and bleeding by now. The first of several screams were allowed to escape her lips, all due to pleasure. The pain was less now, less than what she felt between her legs.
Over and over her right hand shot her fingers inside her. At times there seemed to be so much force that she seemed to raise her body upwards on her tiptoes and then back flat on her feet. Each time that happened, her head would be made to raise and lower with a smile on her face. More pain in her head caused her eyes again to close. When they did she saw images of death, of pain. Betty opened them each time in an attempt to regain control, but each time a pain more powerful than the last forced her to close her eyes once again.
Dead men, women and children captured in various poses and acts flashed through her mind. At the same time, as she closed and opened her eyes to death and reality she was being f***ed. She was still coming, she felt herself scream and moan in pleasure as her right hand showed no signs of letting up. The left hand now was cupped again over her breasts, moving from left to right at will, but not her will, someone else’s will.
Betty saw a woman smile at her and then walk out across the street and be hit by a fast moving bus. The bus took her several feet before screeching to a halt. Her body had been drug against the asphalt and there were exposed bone and blood on what was left of her body. This image disappeared in an instant and was replaced by more pelvic thrusting, pleasure, pain and then another image flew into her head behind her closed eyes.
A pale white face with expressions of pain came into view. Betty didn’t wait for what was going to happen next, she didn’t care to see it so she immediately opened her eyes and watched as her head moved up and down faster. She was getting dizzy, she felt as if she was going to die. She closed her eyes due to weakness and fatigue and there was that face again. The pale white face of death cried out in silent pain. It communicated only with facial expressions of horror, agony and pain, no words escaped it deathly gaze.
She kept her eyes closed and watched as it continued to speak to her with images. It made eye contact a few times, but mostly looked upwards or off to the side as it cried out in pain with its silent lips. The face started to change, it grew hair slowly and as the process continued, it grew female features. The face became smaller, thinner, the cheek bones less pronounced. Where there was once a bald, white featureless head there was now hair.



     “Well, are we going to do this thing, or not? I’m can’t stand here forever,” Jack said.
     “No, I can’t believe this, you were dead; I killed you,” Marge said excitedly.
     “I’m not sure that you could kill me, I’m pretty strong you know,” he said to her.
Marge was alert now and she trusted no one. She believed nothing she saw and she barely put faith in anything she thought or said. Jack smiled at her and threw up his hands in a ‘let’s get going’ gesture, tilting his head to the right and waited for a response.
     “Why are you still hear, I told you I was fine. There’s really no need to check up on me any further, I’m going to be fine,” Susan told her as she fought with her blanket.
Marge thought herself crazy and at this point she was willing to give up. Maybe she just needed some sleep. She still didn’t understand how she was capable of taking a human life anyway. Susan smiled at her and turned on her left side pulling the covers to her chin and off of her feet. Marge looked down at the bed as she turned around to take Jack back home. Pulling up the covers had exposed Susan’s bruised ankles. It took a second or two for that to register and when Marge finally thought about it she knew she was still in her nightmare.
Jack took a hand full of her Marge’s hair and pulled her toward him. Marge had no choice but to follow. She had no leverage and her head was going to be pulled clean off if she didn’t move closer, so she obliged him. He stepped to her and placed his cold dead hand below her neck and pressed her against the wall on the right side of the door. Marge was looking down when he told her to look at him.
     “Look at me,” he said calmly.
Marge did nothing to show fear, she didn’t have to. Her breathing was irregular, short and shallow which only made her more attractive to him. Her breasts went out of their way to call attention to her body.
     “LOOK AT ME!” he yelled as he pressed harder on her chest.



Lucy walked through slowly and still limped pretty badly. People turned to look at her when they walked past her, but they turned their head less now that she was wearing the jacket. A couple of guys stared at her as they walked past and a woman wearing not much more than her smiled at her when she walked by. Making her way further inside Lucy was confused, she was tired, and probably in shock. A large neon sign to the left said ‘Antique Show’ and flashed an arrow that led down a hallway to her left. Why not, she thought as she headed for the door at the end of the hallway.
She was thirsty, she was hungry, and these urges were followed closely by the need for sleep. Lucy reviewed tonight’s events over and over in her mind. She was fatigued, tired and at the same time excited; she smiled as she saw a few women giving their partners shit for checking her out. Lucy looked around for a restaurant or any place to get a meal. The large conference room held about ten large tables where experts in their fields sat to examine treasures that people brought in, organized by category.
The lines to see them stretched to the other end of the building, for some experts. Lucy watched some people leave from their meeting pleased, but most were unhappy; she guessed that this was due to the estimated value of their antique. Some old things were more valuable than others, she laughed, as she continued walking around. A few tables sparked her interest as she moved past people to check them out.
There she was by the table, all queued up, waiting to be seen by all. Oh, and she was seen, Lucy thought. Dark on the top, a golden center, and a lovely red bottom; she was very slender, not too old, but aged, experienced. She was being held close by another. Lucy thought of ways to get closer, to place herself into the situation, or a conversation, even. Lucy had to go in for a closer look. She walked past the table and took one step forward when she turned and addressed her.
     “May I?” Lucy asked.
     “Sure,” said the lady who was holding the jewelry box steady against her chest.
Lucy opened the drawers one at a time, very carefully examining the craftsmanship.
     “It’s lovely. Good luck,” Lucy told her.
     “Thank you,” replied the woman.
She probably could get enough money to buy it outright, but if the woman chooses to put it up for auction, Lucy might be out of luck. She had to have it! Lucy stared at the object and thought hard about her next course of action. She turned her head to the left and blinked her eyes. She had an idea. Lucy turned to face the woman again and she was pushed aside, bumped if you will, by another woman who was also interested in the box.
     “Oh, I’m sorry, didn’t see you standing there,” she said to Lucy.
Lucy smiled and walked away. She stopped at a few tables down and turned back to watch. There was the man beside the woman who had bumped her. They were a couple, and probably married. Lucy thought she would make the old lady an offer after she had her box examined, but she soon lost all hope of that when the young blonde gave the old woman what appeared to be a check. Lucy watched her box change hands, and she grew very angry. She followed the couple for several minutes from a distance, being careful not to be seen. She watched them sit at a nearby table and check out their newest member of their family. Lucy walked forward to the table and pulled up a chair. She sat down between them, slightly to the left of the man. She let her valet’s jacket slightly open and addressed the couple on their box.
     “It’s a very nice piece,” Lucy said to the woman.
     “Lucy, my name’s Lucy,” she said to them.
     “Yes, thank you. I’m trying to decorate my living room,” she replied.
The man smiled at her briefly as he looked into her open coat. He was a bit sad when he noticed that all the good parts were covered up. Lucy turned slowly to her left so she could check out the doors on the box, exposing the right side of her left breast. She smiled further as she heard the man say ‘all right!’
     “Can you show me the insides please?” Lucy asked as her right hand slid over the man’s knees.



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Some Reviews

“Okay this book is not for the faint of heart or easily spooked… it is downright creepy and at times quite disturbing.”
———————— Z ————————


“I didn’t expect to be so sucked into this world that Mr. Summers created as I was. I will probably have nightmares!”
———————— Z ————————


“The book starts off with an intriguing, unforgettable and action-packed beginning and just keeps going from there.”
———————— Z ————————


“‘Picking Murphys’ is one of the most creepy, original, and well-crafted novels I’ve read in a long time! I was completely drawn in from the opening scenes, and enjoyed Summers’ use of description of the different characters and their history/backstory and events, and his attention to detail.”
———————— Z ————————


“Haunting and engrossing, this tale of psychological horror as told by author James Summers will have you on the edge of your seat, hiding beneath the covers, and leave you wanting more”




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