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Authors, are you trying to go further with your books?

The far left column represents the books listed below, in order. The columns right of that represent the offer types listed below. I have sent snail mail to multiple individuals and companies trying to verify their validity, and as expected, all thus far have been false or fraudulent; some even have themselves or their companies on lists that suggest not to do business with-ever! There are, however, three that I’m still awaiting confirmation from. Since I’m not in a hurry to sell, and I’m writing feverishly to complete my First Responder trilogy by Halloween 2023, I have little time to stress over them.

If you are interested in Bereft Reality, Picking Murphys, or First Responder, please make haste. Send me something to read and review, preferably in the mail. Please include your email, any social media accounts, your business name, address, phone number, and anything else I can use to successfully validate and verify you.

When I gather some additional information, I will socially out all those who are fake, purely for your reading enjoyment. If it helps you as an author, just know that some of the ones that didn’t pan out were spoofed individuals and companies, so, before you do anything, VERIFY, VERIFY, VERIFY!


It should be noted that some of the offers were for books that have not been published, or are in outline phase, and therefore do not exist. Some didn’t know my author name, mispronounced the books or had the wrong names all together, and didn’t even know my author website.




Books: Bereft Reality, Picking Murphys, First Responder, Site 123, They Heinous, First Responder Second Chances, Bereft Reality book 2, Dark AF, and others.

Offers: publish, rebrand, republish, advertise, purchase rights, book deal, movie deal, TV series


The info will be updated when I’m finished combing through my initial numbers – please check back soon.