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First Responder – Official Press Release and Interview


  1. What inspired you to write this book? I wanted to portray Vampires in the way that they were initially conceived. I loved their strengths, charisma, bravado, and even their weaknesses. I chose to introduce today’s modern world and its technology to someone who’s been there all along. What if today’s Vampires didn’t make the local papers by increasing the numbers of missing persons? What if he/she capitalized on existing trauma, instead of creating it?


  1. Summarize your book in one to three sentences as if you were speaking to someone unfamiliar with your book and its topic. First Responder is a complex romance that combines old world horror charm with the flare from today’s modern world. A psychologist strives to navigate his busy evening schedule by providing comfort for others, and sustenance for himself. Can he continue his search for a mate and achieve success before he reveals himself, possibly unravelling his very existence?


  1. What is the overall theme (central topic, subject or concept) of your book? There is good inside of evil, and evil inside of good. One controls what it releases upon the world, if only for a moment of time. Romance is ever present in First Responder. It passes briefly by for some, and lingers for others. when romance is found, pain is never too far behind.  


  1. Where does this book take place? In the forests of Southern California, centrally located between the Malibu Creek and Topanga state parks. There is a nearby university, the lovely coast, and let’s not forget Monte Nido.


  1. Who are the main characters and why are they important to the story? Dr. Stevens is a psychologist who has been passing through time, almost seamlessly. Karen is an underappreciated/over worked EMT. Linda is an up and coming entrepreneur out to make it big. Amalie and Chretien are a pair of French ‘tourists’, who enjoy keeping up with the Jones’s. Dr. Stevens finds himself torn between two women that he fancies. He juggles personal and professional relationships, all the while taking great care to stay two steps ahead of his pursuers. While this is going on, he uncovers a small group who have only recently taken an interest in his handiwork.


  1. Why do you think that this book will appeal to readers? First Responder is a fresh breath of stale, undead air. Readers will take a step back and enjoy the plot twists and turns, finding that they feel the way the author does about Vampires. These are complex, detailed and calculating non-sparkly Vampires. This isn’t your mother’s love story. Put plain and simple, love hurts.


  1. How is your book relevant in today’s society? The author takes into consideration today’s technology and ever changing environment, coupling it with an individual who is perpetually changing to keep up. Showing an appreciation for today’s EMTs who are tirelessly working to keep us all safe, the author goes deep inside a typical day on the job. He then throws in the complexities of one who has taken an oath to save others and do no harm, while keeping a dark secret hidden. Delving into intimacy, romance and horror, the author convolutes relationships and time itself.


  1. Is there any subject currently trending in the news that relates to your book? Vampires try to stay out of the papers as much as possible. Have you read anything about Dr. Stevens in Southern California lately?


  1. What makes your book different from other books like it? First Responder is a new take on the embodiment of what people consider today’s Vampires to be. In all actuality, it’s a return full circle to the way things were before; with the addition of today’s technology and modernization. Why not hide among humans in today’s busy 24/7 world using technology to stay ahead and fit in?   


  1. What do you want readers to take away from your writing? I write to provide a means of release, of escape. Fantasy can be all too real for most, but for some, it can only unfold in their minds. I like to display the epic battle of good vs evil, providing different not so black-and-white outcomes; therein lies a story worth telling.


  1. How did you learn about the topic? (i.e. personal experience, education, etc.) Classical Vampires have always held a special place in my heart. When I figured out a way to mix things up with today’s busy world, unappreciated EMTs, romance, murder, lies and deceit; well that peeked my curiosity. I re-read Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and shortly after that I started talking to some nurses and EMTs that I knew. The outline came one night while camping in Indiana.


  1. Is there a particular passage from your book you’d like us to utilize?

Joe didn’t have the strength to support his head so he left it on what remained of the floor. He focused on breathing in slowly and managing his pain. It was time for him to check in with the others soon. When he missed his call, they would know to expect the worst. All he wanted at this time was to stay alive long enough to see it happen. They would be more than enough to take care of this thing. Joe managed a single smile before the pain made him take it down. He again focused on slowing his heart rate and waited for the others.

“Do you know where I’m going to feed tonight Joe?” Dr. Stevens asked with a calm voice.

The Vampire walked over and sat on the floor to Joe’s left. Joe’s eyes moved, but he didn’t move a muscle or speak. Reaching over, Dr. Stevens took a handful of Joe’s hair and raised Joe’s head as high as it would go.

“From your friends Joe, I’m going to feed from your friends later on this fine moonlit evening. That is if they arrive in time,” Dr. Stevens said smiling.





  1. Please supply us with an author bio. Do not include anything you do not want shared with the media I find darkness in all things good, no matter what I examine, and then write about it. Through my use of plot twists, I take the reader down a mostly straight path until I skew what had earlier been described as normal. Keeping you on your toes and on the edge of your seat are of paramount importance to me; they are the byproducts of my horror. Sexual tension, social situations, and psychological horror are all intertwined with happiness, for a spell. I have yet to write fantasy or historical pieces, choosing instead to focus on psychosocial horror. I have written nine novels, three of which have been published, with the fourth being outlined. Please read about my novels on their websites, my author site, and on Facebook. To make a longer story shorter, I love writing. Let me shock you today; please read about me and my projects at www.peggylanders.com.


  1. What other books have you written?

Bereft Reality

Picking Murphys   


  1. Do you have an existing website?



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