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FEBRUARY 17, 2016

Author James Summers releases ‘Picking Murphys’

Novel tells story of ancient evil spirit that takes interest in family of four, settle old scores with few old friends

LA FAYETTE TOWNSHIP, Ind. – Author James Summers took a lovely trip to California and became lost in its
rich diversity. His knowledge of wine tasting, olive oil tasting and mining became his source of inspiration in
writing “Picking Murphys,” (published by Xlibris).

Matthew is a happily married father of two boys who works a lot to keep his family afloat. Susan is his stay at
home wife who manages their household and works hard to keep the family happy. Robbie is their oldest son
and is currently enjoying sixth grade and some outdoor nature activities. On the opposite end of the United
States is Chloe, an entrepreneur and single mother of one lovely daughter named Ruthie. Their lives
intertwine when an ancient evil spirit is released and takes an interest in Matthew and Susan, culminating in a
very structured game of cat and mouse. Good spirits get involved and follow the evil spirit’s attempt to put an
end to it once and for all.

“This is no traditional good versus evil story,” Summers says. “It is about an evil spirit that goes to extremes
to ensure that its training is completed ahead of schedule. It has been released upon our world without a
mentor, and it’s learning its powers as it goes.”

“Picking Murphys” is all about the good in evil, the evil in good and everything in‐between. Summers thrives
in the darkness that lies in everyone and focuses exclusively on psychological horror. He paints a subtle
mixture of what the mind sees and thinks whether or not it can get away with it.

“Picking Murphys”
By James Summers
Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 398 pages | ISBN 9781514458617
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 398 pages | ISBN 9781514458600
E‐Book | 398 pages | ISBN 9781514458594
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author
James Summers is an IT professional who writes in his off time on weekends and on camping trips. He is
happily married and lives in Southern Indiana. An avid fan of psychological horror, he loves to portray
darkness and chaos.